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Everything in life is undecided and uncertain..

Be it a crawling infant giving ambivalent signals that it is almost there, ready to walk soon or a kid trying to figure out whom does he love the most – dad, mom or the chocolate in his hand.

The infatuation which is sometimes misunderstood as love in the high school or the career path during the college which is determined under the peer pressure.

The politics at the workplace where the opinions are sometimes based upon the hear-say or the husband gifting a diamond ring to his wife, unsure of the span of the glitter in her eyes.

New parents hesitatingly waiting to capture and cherish the firsts of their child. Even the grudge held by a couple due to their ego is iffy at times. Spare alone the last name of a girl until she gets married!

Name, fame, money, success, feelings, wisdom, even our existence is provisional.

Then what are we striving for? Tentative happiness? Yes? No? Tentative?

Daily Prompt: Tentative